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May 2015

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May 2015                                                                                                                                    EASTERN REGIONAL ASSOCIATION

A Growing Network of Healthy Churches

Dear Lisa,


    This past Convention we introduced a fund raising campaign to raise money for the re-shingling of the ERA residence and office this Spring.  

    Our goal was to get 70 gifts of $100 each for the purchasing of materials for this project.  If every church in our Region was able to give a one-time $100 gift we would reach our goal. 

    Currently, we are at $1400 and the planned date for re-shingling is fast approaching; May 28 - 30.

    Would you be willing to present this fund raising project to your church board and help us attain our goal for $7000 to purchase the materials?

    We are also looking for volunteer manpower for this event.  Any help you could provide us with would be so appreciated.  

    If you have questions, please contact Greg Twitchell at the ERA Office.  (603) 332-1412 or by email

Designated Giving



IRS regulation states that in order for a contribution to be tax deductible, the giver must relinquish control of the funds given.  This means that if the giver requires a particular offering to be used a certain way, it must be returned and is no longer a tax deductible contribution.  This does not mean that givers cannot designate their giving.  For example:


John Doe makes a contribution to his church and writes on the memo line or checks off on the tithing envelope that he wishes for the funds to be designated to the building project.  John's contribution is tax deductible since he did not state a refund condition requesting that if his contribution was not used as he directed, he would like it to be returned.


In order to create proof of contributions received, the church should create and encourage the use of envelopes for the tithes and offerings.  This also allows the church an opportunity to print on the envelope a sentence that gives the church full control of the funds donated.  The sentence should read as follows:


This church is a qualified section 501(c)(3) organization.  All tithes, offerings, or donations of any kind are tax deductible under section 170(c)(2)  Using this envelope constitutes your agreement to relinquish control in accordance with IRS regulation. 


PARADIGM SHIFTS - "Plurality in Leadership"

By Greg Twitchell


Coming Soon to a Pastor near you will be another installment of our Paradigm Shift Study.  I would like to have us look at the issue of Church leadership and consider how we should structure our churches today.  Most of our churches are quite comfortable with our professional pastor, church board and congregational vote.  But is this the best way for us to continue to be structured?


In the Gospels, Jesus sends out the 72 Disciples two by two (Lk. 10),  and this pattern of having a partner in ministry is continued all through the New Testament as we see Paul and the other Apostles constantly being paired with another brother in Christ.  These pairings come with many benefits.  We see them encouraging one another, praying together, holding one another accountable, and bringing different gifts and talents to their combined ministry. 


Paul talks about several different types of leadership positions in Ephesians 4:11 where he says, "It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature., attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ."  According to this text there are 5 different types of leaders over churches who all work together to develop the rest of the members of the body into ministers themselves!  They clearly embraced the concept of "Every member a Minister"! 


In other places Paul instructs Timothy and Titus to "appoint elders in every town" (Titus 1:5) The term is always used in the plural sense indicating that there were to be more than one leader in each church (Acts 14:23; Acts 20:17; Phil. 1:1; James 5:14; 1 Pt. 5:1), and that the leadership of the church was to be made up of this team of spiritual leaders who had oversight of the flock.


One of the big problems with church boards and congregational voting is that they are made up of people who are not all spiritually mature.  When we begin operating based on business models or the popular vote of the majority, we may not be in the best position to listen to Holy Spirit, through prayer and fasting and make the tough decisions that God gives to those in leadership. 


I wish that all of our churches could afford to call 2 or more full time ministers, but that is not very likely in our present situations.  But we could put together teams of Godly men who could minister alongside the pastor in an Elder capacity.  Adding their gifts and abilities to the team to assist the lead elder in the work of the church.  Entrusting these men with the leadership of the church and relinquishing control may be a difficult step for many in our churches who are used to having a say in every decision, but isn't this the step that God would have us make as we put our faith and trust in him and his sovereignty? 


There is a lot more to be said, taught, and discussed on this subject and that is why we are introducing this topic as one of our Paradigm Shift discussions.  Should more of our AC Churches embrace an Eldership style of governance?  What does the Bible say about the five fold Leadership positions  found in Ephesians 4 and what would they look like in operation today?  Where did our congregational style of leadership come from and is it what God intends for us?  All of these questions and more are going to be explored in the coming weeks.  I hope that you will weigh in and keep the conversation going by logging onto the Facebook and "liking" our Paradigm Facebook page to engaging in conversation posting your questions, comments, links and concerns for all to see and engage with.  In all of our interaction, please be civil, loving and impersonal in your remarks.


Grace & Peace to you all!

Alton  Bay Christian Conference  Center
2015 Summer  Schedule

The Summer of 2015 looks to be an event packed summer at the Alton Bay Christian Conference Center.  Speakers for the summer on Sundays starting June 28 are:  Rev. John Fogell, Rev. Ken Steigler, Dr. Sean McDonough, Dr. Jeffrey Arthurs, Pastor Tyler Thompson, Dr. Nick Perrin, Rev. Dave Siriano, Rev. John Tate, Rev. John Rankin, Rev. Huntley Brown, and Rev. Jim Johnson.  Concerts on Saturday evenings starting July 4 are:  ABCCC Patriotic Concert, Strafford Wind Symphony Concert, Michael Boggs Concert, Brad Stine Show, Lindsay Graham Concert, The Hyssongs Concert, Mark 209 Concert, Adam's Call Concert, Huntley Brown Concert, and The Blackwood Brothers Concert.  We are also offering a weekly Alpha class, a weekly Men's and Women's Bible study, Vacation Bible School, a family week with Wonders of Science in the evening, a seniors week, weekly workshops, weekly potluck dinners and movie night.  Please check our website at for dates and times.


Click here to go to the ABCCC website to view and download the schedule




From The  Super Headeruper 


March 28-30 I was able to spend some time in Rhode Island & Massachusetts, connecting with some of our Pastors and Leaders there.  I attended the North Scituate, Rhode Island AC Church on Sunday morning and was blessed to hear one of our youngest ministers giving the message that morning.  Tom (pictured here with his wife Sarah) is serving at the church while working on his Masters Degree at Gordon Conwell Seminary.  It was a pleasure to hear him preach and meet so many of the people following the service.  


Sarah and Tom Loghry

North Scituate Church, RI


I also visited with Pastors and Leaders from the Riverpoint AC Church, Fall River AC Church and the Hope Evangelical Community Church in North Dartmouth.  It was a pleasure as always to connect with our people and hear about all the good things that God is doing in our churches.  



I was able to worship with my family at the State Street Church in Portsmouth, NH and enjoyed hearing Pastor Nate Hasty bring his first message to the congregation as their new Pastor.  It was an exciting day and it was good to see the seats filled up.  I have heard many good reports from many of our churches about how their Resurrection Sunday services and outreaches went.  I pray that you had a wonderful time celebrating Jesus in your local church as well.


The Twitchell Family, Easter 2015

I took my family to Mechanic Falls, ME to attend the BICS Ministry program.  Pastor Wes, President Steve and the students blessed everyone in attendance as they share testimonies, songs, skits, some personal history, and a very motivating message on the pursuit of wisdom and how BICS equips students to do this for all of life.  There were people there from Mechanic Falls, Auburn, Oxford, and Friendship. 


2015 BICS Students with Wes Ross

The winter was a busy season for me with a lot going on in a variety of ministry areas.  I praise God for safe travel over many thousands of miles and several winter storms.  One great piece of technology that I have benefited from is online meetings through a service called Webex.  With this program I have been able to meet with people across the Region and across the country.  This has saved us thousands of dollars, lots of travel time and has increased our communication ten fold.  We have made a lot of use of this service through our Antioch Classes this Winter.  We have had 6 classes meeting at various times of the day and evening and have had dozens of people take advantage of the leadership development opportunities these courses have provided.  As we are wrapping up some of the classes even now, I have many people already asking if they will be able to go on and take the next course in the fall.  I'm pleased to announce that we will have a full slate of courses available beginning in September and will let everyone know how they can join.  


  Grace,  Greg

Berkshire Institute of Christian Studies Graduation
May 16, 2015 at 10 a.m.

You are invited to BICS' 27th Commencement on Saturday, May 16 at 10:00 AM at Hope Church in Lenox. Rev. Chris Raker, BICS Bible instructor, will deliver the address. Following the program you are invited to remain for the traditional brunch and final prayer with the students. Call the BICS office to let us know if you plan to attend (413-637-4673). There is no charge for the meal, but donations will be appreciated.


Get your calendar ready!


2015  ERA Meetings Schedule


Maine State Conference                  Fri-Sat, May 1 & 2                Bangor ACC, Bangor, ME


Nova Scotia                                        Sat-Sun, June 6 & 7         Bear River ACC, Nova Scotia

Guest Speaker:  Sam Warren


Eastern Regional Convention      Fri-Sat, Oct 23 & 24          Emmanuel Church, Rochester, NH


2015 Retreats and Conference Schedule


"Seek My Face" Prayer Summit       May 11 0- 12                       Charlotte, NC


Region Roof Shingling Project         May 28-30                          Rochester, NH


WH&FMS Annual Connection         Sat, June 13                       State Street Church, Portsmouth, NH


Sports & Music Camp                          Sun, June 28- Fri, July 3 Alton Bay Christian Conf. Center


Antioch Certified Leader Training   July 6-8                              Camp Beebe


Global Leadership Summit                August 6-7                         Alton Bay Christian Conf. Center


Women's Retreat                                   Fri-Sun, Sept 18-20         Alton Bay Christian Conf. Center


If your church would like to add to this calendar of event - please contact the Eastern Regional Office or email:


New England Expository Preaching Institute

Beginning in May of 2015, the New England Expository Preaching Institute will launch a series of two-day regional training events.  Partnering with the Stephen Olford Center for Preaching, we'll be offering:

  • Regional locations - we're locating the two-day Institutes throughout New England, close enough for any pastor or preacher to attend without having to travel great distances, especially due to the importance and design of the cohort follow-up
  • Excellence in teaching - we've partnered with notably the best expository preaching organizations in the United States along with some accomplished preaching instructors for training at each two-day event.
  • Cohort Groups - every participant in a two-day training event will be expectedto enroll in a cohort for continuing preaching education and encouragement.
  • Preaching Resources - we'll connect you with the best tools for bible exposition available today through our network of partners.
  • Affordability - we've arranged for all of this to be provided for under $55.00.  This covers the cost of the event, lunches and study materials.  There is no charge to belong to a cohort for the first year. 

How about you?   Would you like to sharpen your preaching skills?  Whether you've been preaching for decades or just starting out, you will gain valuable insights and encouragement from joining with fellow preachers at NEEPI!  


Click here for more information 

and to sign up for a regional event near you!

Word of Life Christian Leadership


Pastor Duke Hergate, the founder and now   pastor emeritus  of Temple Baptist Church in Half Moon, NY says, "This conference is perhaps the most meaningful conference for the Christian leaders of our churches that Word of Life has ever put on. I am about "conferenced-out," but I am truly excited about this special conference for us pastors AND people in the pews. Our church will doubtless register all of our first AND second tier leadership, including small groups leaders." 


One of the host church pastors, Will Barbarczy of Grace Fellowship Church in Watervilet, NY reports they "plan to register one person from every small group in our church."

I want to urge the MEN OF INFLUENCE who receive this email to forward these INFORMATION BULLETINS to your entire network of leaders and friends. As the word gets out through the network of churches, this conference will have significant impact.

REMEMBER...The conference speakers will explain discipleship that builds churches, based on years of practical experience. Attorney David C. Gibbs III will address current issues facing the local church, including the homosexual agenda, and give an overview of things happening in Washington and in State and Local governments that affect the church.   

This is a conference for church leaders at various levels of leadership that will make a difference in their ministry.

Price: $25
$40 after April 5th
In This Issue

Designated Giving

Plurality in Leadership

Alton Bay Christian Conference Center

From the Super

Berkshire Institute of Christian Studies

Get Your Calendar Ready!

New England Expository Preaching Institute

Word of Life Christian Leadership

Annual Women's Connection

Advent Christian Prayer Summit

Antioch School Testimony

Book Review by Dr. Sam Warren

The Forgotten Initiative

2015 Summer Camp Schedule

2015 Shingle Project

Attention Church Clerks!



June 13, 2015

Women's Connection

Our New Journey

To be held at the State Street (Advent Christian) Church, Portsmouth,NH,  (634 State Street)


Registration begins at 9:30  AM


10AM         Welcome andspeakers

11AM          Morningbreak

11:15           Business Session 

12:15           Lunch in ParmleyHall

1:15             Conference breakaways

2:15             Time to celebrate!!


11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosperyouand not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you willcall  on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek meand find me when you seek me with all your heart.  

Jeremiah 29:11-13(NIV)


Registrations will be arriving at your Churches soon.   Pastors please be on the look-out for them. 

 There will be a block of rooms at an area Hotel for your convenience if you would like to come in on Friday night.  The link will be added on the registration for your convenience.


Information on the program will also be coming soon.  Check my Group Page on Facebook, called Women's Connection-2015.


I can't guarantee much in life; but I can guarantee that if you plan to join us on June 13th; you will not regret it!


Registration and Credential forms can be downloaded from: or by clicking below:


All Reservations must be in by June 1, 2015. Each person attending needsto fill out a form. 


This Annual Women's Connection Conference is for all women!

Advent Christian Prayer Summit

For the first time, we are coming together for what is being called the Advent Christian Prayer Summit. Our theme, "Seek My Face" is based on Psalm 27:7-9a. During these two days, scheduled for May 11 - 12, 2015, Advent Christian pastors, church leaders and concerned laity will seek God's face as we join together for prayer and some strategic teaching on the subject.


The Advent Christian Prayer Summit will take place in Charlotte, N.C., at the Dulins Grove Advent Christian Church (11200 Arlington Church Road, Charlotte, NC 28227), directly across the street from the ACGC denominational offices. It will be a great time of teaching, intentional prayer and incredible fellowship for all who attend. The summit will begin with registration on Monday, May 11 at 12:15 p.m. and conclude on Tuesday the 12th at 1:00 p.m. We are offering this event to you at no cost. You will be responsible just for your travel and lodging. Monday evening dinner will be provided.


We want to encourage you to think and pray about attending and participating in this important event. These are strategic times in the life of the Advent Christian denomination, and we must come together to seek the face of the Lord for the work he has called us to do. Pastors, church leaders, prayer coordinators and anyone interested in praying for the work of all Advent Christians should come. God is calling us to seek his face together. We are continuing to work on the details of this great and exciting event and will let you know everything about the Prayer Summit as we get closer to the date. Be sure to check the ACGC website for up-to-date information on the Summit.


If you have questions, please contact us at 704-545-6161 or . In the meantime, please pray about making plans to be with us. 

The registration deadline is April 27. 

You can register at: or by calling 704-545-6161. You will not want to miss this unbelievable opportunity to shape the direction of our denomination through prayer.

Antioch School - Testimony

By David Patterson, Pastor of the Highland Cliff Advent Christian Church, Windham, MA

Antioch Logo 

      "Was this worth the sacrifice of your time?"  That was the question I asked of a small group of pastors and lay leaders who were participating in a course entitled "Belonging to a Family of Families".  This course looked at what the Bible has for instruction for our families and our church family.  We had finished the first session, which took 90 minutes of their time plus some study and reading time, and I wanted to know if what we were doing was beneficial and worth their investment of time.  So I bluntly asked "Was this worth the sacrifice of your time?"  They all quickly responded "Yes".


      We were doing the 2nd book in a series of books entitled The First Principles published by BILD International.  They also publish a series of college level courses entitled The Leadership Series which they administer through Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development.  In six weeks when we finished the course I asked the question again.  Again, they all replied "Yes".  We all agreed that this is a very much needed discussion and this is one of many critical subjects affecting the church today.  They all expressed a desire to continue these classes and discussions.  (A new slate of classes will be offered through Eastern Region in the fall.)

       This common response I have seen repeatedly.  I confess I was originally very skeptical of this material.  The last thing I needed was another repackaged way to do church with a slick new cover.  With a little encouragement from people I trusted, I investigated a little further.  That was 6 years ago and I am now thoroughly invested. 

       In those six years I have seen pastors work closer together sharing time and resources with each other and sister churches.  I have seen members of my church engage more in ministry and sharing their witness.  I have seen members of my church growing in confidence at handling and teaching the Word.  Some who were timid at first are now leading Bible studies confidently.  And I have seen believers grow and mature in their walk with Christ and their fellowship and participation within the Body of Christ.


      Please note this is not another slick ad campaign to "fix" all your churches problems overnight.  But it is an invitation for a serious investment together to learn and discern how Christ intended to establish His church and to develop leaders for church expansion. 


      "Is this worth the sacrifice of your time?" This is always a good question to consider in any endeavor that asks us to invest of ourselves.  For me it is a resounding "Yes".

Book Review by Dr. Sam Warren


Over the past few years, the ministry of Peter and Geri Scazzero has made a tremendous impact on my life and ministry.  This book, his first, will set you on a path toward healthy spirituality and hunger for more in this important area of life and ministry. I hope you enjoy it!


Peter Scazzero learned the hard way: you can't be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Even though he was a pastor of a growing church, he did what most people do:

  • Avoid conflict in the name of Christianity, Ignore his anger, sadness, and fear, Use God to run from God Live without boundaries

Eventually God awakened him to a biblical integration of emotional health, a relationship with Jesus, and the classic practices of contemplative spirituality. It created nothing short of a spiritual revolution, utterly transforming him and his church.


In this best-selling book Scazzero outlines his journey and the signs of emotionally unhealthy spirituality. Then he provides seven biblical, reality-tested ways to break through to the revolutionary life Christ meant for you. "The combination of emotional health and contemplative spirituality," he says, "unleashes the Holy Spirit inside us so that we might experientially know the power of an authentic life in Christ.


Dr. Sam Warren | Director of Nurture

Advent Christian General Conference |

The Forgotten Initiative

By Phil Dubois


Spring has finally sprung!  May is just around the corner, which is National Foster Care Month.  This is a good time to recognize and support those families and professionals who labor to assist children and families in foster care.  


The Forgotten Initiative ( is an evangelical Christian organization that assists the church to support the foster care system.  They offer many ideas for providing this support, such as equipping the visitation rooms at the offices of the Department of Health and Human Services, collecting diapers and formula for families with young children, providing college care packages for foster children who have aged out of the system, providing first aid kits and care kits for state caseworkers to carry in their cars, collecting teddy bears to give to children when they first enter foster care, and many others.  


Cherish Kids is a state-faith partnership in Missouri aimed at supporting the state foster care system.  One of their ideas was to host a 5K fun run.  They partnered with Walmart, who offered $25 gift cards for $20.  Participants collected pledges from donors who pledged Walmart gift cards.  These cards were then given to caseworkers to provide to foster parents when a child first enters their home.  Often these children arrive with few possessions, so the foster families could use these cards to buy needed items.  


In my local area of Maine last year, state funding for their annual Foster Parent Appreciation Banquet was lost.  The staff desperately wanted to express their appreciation.  A local Baptist church offered to host a dinner.  Various community resources offered door prizes.  It was a fun, relaxing, and delicious dinner.  The church is now planning this year's dinner.  


What can you, or your church, do?  Contact your local office of the Department of Health and Human Services or the Division of Child and Family Services.  Ask how you can support their efforts.  Pray for foster families, birth families, children in foster care, and child services professionals.  Foster parents offer innumerable hours of heart-wrenching work with children who have been abused or neglected.  The pay is paltry, the work is difficult, and appreciation is seldom heard.  If you would like to brainstorm ideas, feel free to contact me at or 207-890-0726.  

2015 Summer Camp Schedule

goggles-pool-girls.jpgOnce again, we are gearing up for an very busy summer with our Camps and Conferences in the Eastern Region.


We have compliled our camp schedules with contact person information.  If you are in leadership and there needs to be corrections for the your schedule or contact information, please contact the Eastern Regional Office and we will make sure your information is corrected.


ERA Regional Residence

Shingle Project 2015

May 28-30, 2015



GOAL: 70 gifts @ $100 each

GOAL:  $7000 for materials

GOAL:  Volunteer Manpower                

Attention Church Clerks

1.  When preparing your annual church reports, please don't forget to send a copy to the Eastern  Regional Office either by mail or email!  Thanks!


2.  Beginning January 1, 2015 we will officially be cancelling our Post Office Box.  Please send all mail to the physical address of 32 Four Rod Road, Rochester, NH  03867




Black logoThe Annual Eastern Regional Convention Date has been set!


Mark your calendars for October 23-24, 2015.  Held at Emmanual Advent Christian Church, Rochester, NH.  Featuring worship, workshops, fellowship, and convention business!

ERA Board of Directors
Rev. Dr. Glenn Rice, President
Rev. Paul Carter, Vice  President
Rev. Allen Latimore, Clerk

Rev. Steve Baker, Heritage Conference Representative

Rev. Nick Foss, President, Maine State Conference

Rev. Chris Barton, President, Maranatha Conference

Rev. George Karl, President, New Life Conference

Rev. George Middleton, President, New York Conference

Rev. Ken Perkins, President, Nova Scotia Conference

Mr. Charlie Merrill, ERA Representative to ACGC


The Eastern Regional Association Newsletter is published as a ministry of the Eastern Regional Association of the Advent Christian General Conference.


Rev. Gregory Twitchell, Superintendent


Miss Carolyn Schaeffner, Administrative Secretary



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