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June 1, 2016

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Weekly E-News
June 1, 2016


Steve Lawson

On May 31, I celebrated my 57th birthday in Houston, Texas, with my daughter, son-in-law, my grandsons, Jaxon and Aiden, and my wife, Karen. God has truly blessed me through my years! Blessed to be raised in a Christian home with loving parents and two wonderful sisters. Blessed to be called into the greatest profession any person could be honored to serve, as a pastor to God's people. Blessed to have a wonderful wife that has been my best friend and partner in ministry for soon to be 37 years (June 16). Blessed to have two children that we love and continue to pray for and seek God blessings in their lives.


As I look back, I am thankful that my God is faithful and true to all of his promises. As I look forward, it is with a confidence that we all rest in the loving care and certainty of God's plan. My prayer is that God will use me for his purposes for all the years I live and that I will glorify him with my best in all I do!


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News From Our Churches
Paul and Jamie
Penny Crusade 2016 - The Love of Christ Compels Us

Crouseville Advent Christian Church (CACC) Penny Crusade ends in "a close shave"!

CACC recently held a revival of Penny Crusade. The church was divided into teams led by Youth Pastor Jamie McClay and Deacon Paul Dumont. Both of these men have a full mustache and beard. Pastor Jamie had not shaved his beard for 22 plus years. So, you guessed it, the "loser" was going to have to shave. Pastor Jamie led after week one, and then Deacon Paul's team rallied and went ahead after week two. Week three was to be the "big reveal."The tally was team Jamie - $679.52 and team Paul - $433.19 for a total of $1,112.71. Some more change came in and the grand total was $1,125!

While we were having church, the men went downstairs and Lisa McClay not only shaved Paul's face, but "good sport" Pastor Jamie shaved his, too! We did not know this was going on, and then they appeared in the sanctuary the congregation gave them a rousing applause. What a transformation as you can see in the pictures. The bottom line is - God gets the glory! And we had so much fun, too.



Announcements & Upcoming Events


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What does the Old Testament teach us about the ancient Israelites? How can a scholarly understanding of the Old Testament add to your faith?


Survey of the Old Testament provides a descriptive and critical introduction to the nature of biblical revelation, principles of interpretation and major elements of the Old Testament, including the primeval and patriarchal histories, the exodus, monarchic traditions, the message of the prophets and the exilic period.


This course explores major elements of the Old Testament and will expand your understanding of the culture and history of the Near East.


World Outreach
News from our Latin America Area Director John Gilbert

Pastor Leon praying for the children and templo Sinaloa


A couple of months back, we wrote about a new mission plant in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. On a recent trip to the mission site, Pastor Leon and his wife, Neomi, were able to send some photos of the church called "Monte de los Olivos" (Mount Olives). The mission is located in the town of Bachoco. It is a small rural setting that is without other churches. One of Pastor Leon's former youth in Tijuana is living in the community and asked if the pastor would come and minister to them. Although, it is not possible for Pastor Leon to be there and at his church in Tijuana full time, he and his wife return to Bachoco several times a year to encourage the 20 plus adults and their children who are attending from the community. As if God is already ahead of us in the plan, Pastor Miguel from Tecate has recently been in contact with a former student who has been freed from family responsibilities and is looking for a church to pastor. He is from the region originally and would like to return to the area. It is too early to know if this is the Lord's will; however, I am always amazed "when things come together" from the "unrelated" resources of our God.


Nurture Notes

Ordination service for Rev. Randy Henderson at Ephesus ACC in Branford, Fla.

Every once in awhile I get the opportunity to be part of something very special, and this past Sunday I was asked to represent ACGC at the ordination service of one of our pastors. No, I was not a participant at the event, simply one of the folks privileged to observe this special event.

Sitting in the audience, my mind went back to my ordination some 37 years ago. In fact, the chairman of the ordination committee for this event was the chairman for my ordination.


I am thankful for Rev. Randy Henderson, the candidate. It was evident that his church, Ephesus AC Church in Branford, Florida, loves him and respects him as their pastor. I am confident that he will seek to be the best pastor he can be, and that they will support his ministry.


IF Update
Sam Warren

In the past week, I have celebrated a birthday and an anniversary. I am thankful for life and the opportunity to share it with my wife of 41 years.


On Monday, we celebrated those who make it possible for all of us to live in a free country. The more I hear about the troubles around the world, the more thankful I am for where we live and the freedom we enjoy. Today, I want to be sure to say thank you to all who have served in the armed forces for our country. I am quite sure that you don't hear it enough, but please know how thankful we are for your gift to us.


For the years that my oldest son lived in New York City while attending NYU, I would often take the subway into Manhattan, and at one particular point on the trip we would come up above the ground and be able to see the Statue of Liberty. Just seeing it made me feel blessed.


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Asleep in Christ

Now located on our website is an "Asleep in Christ" page. As we are made aware of your Advent Christian loved ones who have fallen asleep in the Lord, they will be added to this list. Click HERE to go to this web page. If you wish to have details of your loved one on the website, please send the information via email to



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