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April 22, 2015

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April 22, 2015



As I headed out this week to attend the board meetings of the Central Region, I stopped over in Atlanta, Ga. Director of Nurture Dr. "Sam" Warren and I were invited by Dr. David Ferguson, Co-chair of Awakening America Alliance and Founder and CEO of Great Commandment Network, to be his guests at Reset America Leadership Summit. More than 100 denominational leaders, pastors, and several other representatives of kingdom initiatives were called together to a solemn assembly in prayer. The two-hour gathering was followed by an invitation for each of us to consider how we and the people we serve can become participants of a national prayer movement. We were offered all kinds of helpful resources to pass onto our churches that want to be a part of a Christ-centered prayer for awakening, revival and evangelism.

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News from Our Churches

Samuel SosonoGreetings dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I hope all is well with you. By his grace, we are all fine despite the hardships we are going through. God is good all the time!


We had a very wonderful Easter prayers this year. This year`s Easter prayers were conducted at the Mpinganjira Church in Chiwawa district. There were hundreds of people in attendance from both Nsanje and Chiwawa districts.


We had a special time of praying for:

* ACGC and the entire Advent Christian family in the world.

* Our brothers and sisters, who lost their properties during the floods in January, and a prayer of thanks to those who made their donations to the flood victims.

* Unity among Christians in the world.


Announcements & Upcoming Events


This year's tour will take us throughout the eastern states as far south as Florida as we will be ministering eight different times in nine days. We conclude our year of ministry with a final concert at our host church, the State Road Church in Mapleton, Maine, on April 26 at 6:00 p.m. Most of the choir's leadership is from the State Road Advent Christian Church and the Dunntown Advent Christian Church.


For information on future bookings, please write to:

Northern Lights Youth Choir
Attn: Rev. George McLaughlin
20 North Wade Road
Wade, Maine 04786
(207) 455-5970 / (207) 551-4751
Or view us on the web at:

World Outreach

News from our Area Directors Jefferson and Penny Vann


Easter at Parawai Church of Christ

Jefferson and Penny Vann

This year's Easter was a bit different from usual. Penny and I (J. Vann) celebrated this holiday in Thames, New Zealand. The Parawai Church of Christ, affiliated with our Advent Christian Conference, asked us to come and be a part of their annual holiday celebration. There were a number of things that we knew were going to be different about this Easter.


First, we knew we would be celebrating without our immediate families. You never get used to having holidays away from your kids and grandkids. It's just hard. But, it goes with the calling.


IF Update

Have you ever taken the time to gaze into the sky at day or night? I love to watch commercial airlines as they streak across the sky and try to guess how high they might be. While flying, I often look out the window and try to figure out where we are along the route. One thing I know for sure is this, we live in an amazing world, and the earth is a small part of this incredible world yet so important in God's plan. No wonder David wrote the following words in Psalm 8:3-4a:

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers,
The moon and stars, which you have set in place,

what is man that you're are mindful of him?


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Noelle F. Carle - Bristow, Oklahoma

As an AC pastor's wife (Rev. Russell Carle) and stay-at-home mom while her three children were young, she lived throughout New England, Canada and overseas.


"In her page-turning mystery "Waiting for Wren," author Noelle Carle brings the characters to life, with all their good and bad displayed in living color. As the relationships renew, intertwine and overlap, you will be intrigued to the very end. And in the end, the grace of God is described best of all in these words: "Love doesn't count the wrongs that have been done." As I read, I was transported to a familiar setting in northern Maine. Having been there many times, I was impressed with the authenticity of the author's descriptions of the area.


In this honest and tender book, you will find an affirming message of hope and healing for all.  - Pam Buchanan, Coordinator of Women's Ministries, Advent Christian General Conference,,Charlotte, N.C. 


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Asleep in Christ

Now located on our website is an "Asleep in Christ" page. As we are made aware of your Advent Christian loved ones who have fallen asleep in the Lord, they will be added to this list. Click HERE to go to this web page. If you wish to have details of your loved one on the website, please send the information via email to


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