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April 15, 2015

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April 15, 2015


What's New in Student Ministries?

For those of you who aren't aware, the Office of Student and Kids' Ministries is a new piece to the ministry of Advent Christian General Conference. Over the last year, the development of this office has afforded opportunities for a lot of new services for student ministry leaders, kids' ministry leaders, college/pre-college students, and even our camping ministries.


Specifically in the area of student ministries, there are some new things, which we are pretty excited to share with you. First of all, for student ministry leaders, we have developed a new ministry called the E3 Cohorts program. This ministry offers student ministry leaders the opportunity to gather together for some guided discussion related to their roles in student ministry. Additionally, it offers the opportunity for ACGC to feed resources to our student ministry leaders in a more focused way. This has the opportunity to lead to some new opportunities in training for our student ministry leaders, as well as for opportunities for leaders to support one another better, and for valuable resources to make it into their hands.


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News from Our Churches

INDIA - Fellowship of Blessed Hope Conference - Palm Sunday 

Rev. Paul Selvin, pastor of the Fellowship of Blessed Hope Church at Nandanam, Chennai, reported as follows, following their procession through the streets of their community on Palm Sunday morning ...


"Praise the Lord. Last Sunday God blessed us in mighty way. We started to walk in the street at 9 o'clock; around 300 believers gathered, and they were so happy to give glory to God. Children did not get tired on that day. Each of them wore a crown. Even now, we can't forget this wonderful moment. All praises to Almighty God."


Announcements & Upcoming Events


This year's tour will take us throughout the eastern states as far south as Florida as we will be ministering eight different times in nine days. We conclude our year of ministry with a final concert at our host church, the State Road Church in Mapleton, Maine, on April 26 at 6:00 p.m. Most of the choir's leadership is from the State Road Advent Christian Church and the Dunntown Advent Christian Church.

For information on future bookings, please write to:
Northern Lights Youth Choir
Attn: Rev. George McLaughlin
20 North Wade Road

Wade, Maine 04786
(207) 455-5970 / (207) 551-4751
Or view us on the web at:


World Outreach

News from our Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting


When the good news is shared with the nations we receive good news from the nations.I hope you enjoy this good news as much as I do:

Malawi Conference President Samuel Sosono writes ...

"Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


"Thanks to God for giving me this opportunity to share with you the progress of the "Jesus" film project being carried out in the floods camps. Yes, God is good and he really cares! It's now a month and some days since we were given permission by the government authorities to show the "Jesus" film to the flood victims in their camps. The response from the viewers has always been positive.


IF Update

I am convicted by the passion that the apostle Paul had for Israel to come to faith in Christ. His words in Romans 10:1 are clear and to the point: "Brothers, my heart's desire and prayer to God for them (Israel) is that they may be saved."


It is so easy for us to get busy in the midst of our schedules and miss out on the priority of the Scriptures, which is all about people coming to a saving knowledge of Christ. As Paul wrote in Romans, it is not enough (which is seen in Israel) to know information alone. It is critical for all of us to know that which pertains to having a right relationship with God.


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"Waiting for Wren" 

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As an AC pastor's wife (Rev. Russell Carle) and stay-at-home mom while her three children were young, she lived throughout New England, Canada and overseas.


"In her page-turning mystery "Waiting for Wren," author Noelle Carle brings the characters to life, with all their good and bad displayed in living color. As the relationships renew, intertwine and overlap, you will be intrigued to the very end. And in the end, the grace of God is described best of all in these words: "Love doesn't count the wrongs that have been done." As I read, I was transported to a familiar setting in northern Maine. Having been there many times, I was impressed with the authenticity of the author's descriptions of the area.


In this honest and tender book, you will find an affirming message of hope and healing for all.  - Pam Buchanan, Coordinator of Women's Ministries, Advent Christian General Conference,,Charlotte, N.C. 


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Asleep in Christ

Now located on our website is an "Asleep in Christ" page. As we are made aware of your Advent Christian loved ones who have fallen asleep in the Lord, they will be added to this list. Click HERE to go to this web page. If you wish to have details of your loved one on the website, please send the information via email to


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